James Vincent Carroll At Olde Well Tavern May 28, 2022


James Vincent Carroll performed at The Olde Well Tavern in Lexington, NC last night. This was a weird show. James dealt out great songs, and it sounded great in the first half. The crowd, however, was not paying much attention.

They packed the place with no empty seats and I did not recognize 99% of the people there. About half way through the show, the crowd thinned down and several familiar faces arrived to see James. Like a light switched on, the crowd was all about the show, and the 40-50 people who were there know it was a thing to witness.

James was on point and dealing like only he can. Roars of applause and loud crowd sing along became the theme for the rest of the show. One crowd of about 10 came in after the switch and they were all about the music and food. They said it was a blast and thought it was just the best evening for sure.

James left it all on stage, putting everything into the last few sing along songs like “Living On A Prayer” and the crowd loved it all.

I hate that people are too into their food and phones to see and hear such a great show. But it was fantastic!

The Olde Well staff once again proved why they are the best around. Swamped, but still good solid service through the evening. The food at our table of friends was perfect as always and we had great service as usual.

Again, The Olde Well stands out as the place to beat for Music, Food & Libations in the Lexington area. Note the smile on James’ face in the last few photos. He had a blast, especially during the second half of the show.

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