June 7th, 2022 The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center Part 2

On Tuesday, June 7th, 2022, we attended a private event held at The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center in Kernersville, NC. The event featured The Back 40 Band, Taylor Mason & James Vincent Carroll. This is part 2 of 3. Please check out all 3 parts to get the full story.

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Our new to us discovery, Taylor Mason, was the second act at the event.

This fireball of a young lady is just a joy to watch and listen to. She is the real deal, and you need to go check her out when she is performing in your area.

Stage presence for days, country to the bone, and such a refreshing go get them attitude coming from such an energizing performer. She kicked out several of her own original “Radio Ready” songs, and the crowd was right there with her the whole time.

She works a crowd like no one we have ever seen. Fearless on stage, she connects with an audience effortlessly, like a much more seasoned entertainer would. It is just amazing to watch her perform.

She made many new fans tonight, just like the first time we saw her a few weeks ago. It is so good to see her taking time with every fan who wanted to meet her, pose for a quick photo, fist bump, etc.

She has that solid foundation of greeting her fans with that gracious smile, that ah shucks voice and Thank You to every person she meets… She has talent, spunk, charisma and that is not in question. But, she has “It.” That magical quality that can’t easily be defined, but can not be denied.

Ladies and gentlemen, make way for Taylor Mason. She is coming through, ready or not…

Facebook: Taylor Mason Music

Facebook: The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center

Website: The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center

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