June 7th, 2022 The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center Part 3

On Tuesday, June 7th, 2022, we attended a private event held at The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center in Kernersville, NC. The event featured The Back 40 Band, Taylor Mason & James Vincent Carroll. This is part 3 of 3. Please check out all 3 parts to get the full story.

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The man himself, James Vincent Carroll, took the stage last but in no way least. He hit the ground running and never looked back.

Belting out his hits to the masses, and everyone there was so glad to be in the church for the evening. This crowd was a music crowd, and they were hanging on every word and every note from start to finish. If you can define someone as being in their element, then this was James’ element.

A large crowd of friends, family and fans… What else would anyone expect but straight up kick ass songs, superbly sharp guitar playing and a thrilled crowd of music fans.

He was on fire, and just got into that zone where he was just dealing out top-notch music like no one else can. It was a pleasure to witness this super performance.

Being the ultimate professional, he took a moment more than once to thank the Back 40 Band, Taylor Mason and especially The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center for hosting such an outstanding event.

But, above all, I was so happy to see the look on Taylor Mason’s face when he called her out during the show to commend her for being so talented and a special entertainer already. Giving her the best advice of not letting anyone change the way she does anything, and to be her own person, and to keep doing her thing her way.

The young lady who was seeing JVC perform for the first time herself was just on cloud nine, getting so much positive energy and encouragement from arguably the top local veteran entertainer in our area. I know that meant a lot to this young local performer. As a fan of both, it was a very special moment that will be remembered for many years to come.

James finished up the night with his long-time friend Fast Eddie Nichols on stage and the chemistry of these two just flows with the music. Fast Eddie, being the host of the event, was all smiles throughout the evening. I believe he had more fun than anyone, and it was well deserved. He and his wife Darlynn Nichols put on a terrific event. I believe it was the most well rounded event I have ever attended.

They made it look easy…

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Facebook: The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center

Website: The Back 40 Wedding & Event Center

Dwayne Padon

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