Nice Evening For Music And Libations, Which Goofy Foot Has Plenty Of

The great Stewart Coley performed at Goofy Foot Taproom in High Point, NC June 4, 2022.

Luckily, we had arrived early as the venue quickly filled up. This place is a glorious spot to hang out with your friends and looks to be made up mainly of locals. Several of Stewart’s regular followers were there too, and it was just a nice evening for music and libations, which Goofy Foot has plenty of.

He filled the evening with great song after song, to the delight of the full capacity crowd. From Country classics, pop hits, and old school Rock and roll. Stewart has one of the most well rounded arsenals of music in his extensive song memory.

It was great to see some patrons hearing him for the first time and really enjoying his show. To me, that makes anyone’s show more special. First time listeners to a specific artist.

They are now part of what we have found that we enjoy about that performer. Stewart was in a great mood coming off his recent show with James Vincent Carroll just two days earlier. We talked with him about how special that show was and he agreed it was magical and how much fun he had doing the show.

The smile on his face as he talked about that experience was just very cool to witness.

Stewart has played Goofy Foot several times and mentioned he is always happy playing there and is glad to see the crowds are getting back to pre Covid levels he remembers from a few years ago.

This place is hopping with a large friendly crowd, but still keeps its small neighborhood vibe intact so well. The only thing interrupting the music was the loud cheers and applause between songs.

It was a perfect evening with one of the very best local entertainers in our area.

Please check out Stewart Coley’s Facebook page, & website for his upcoming events and information. Check out Goofy Foot Taprooms Facebook page for all their info and upcoming musical guests.

Stewart Coley On Facebook

Stewart Coley Website

Goofy Foot Tap Room

Dwayne Padon

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